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Terms of Business and Services

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Please take your time and carefully read the following guidelines:

Terms of Business and Guidelines :

  • 1. When you are given an assignment, always make sure your report to the supervisor fifteen (15) minutes before the shift starts. Call T.T.C. at (416) 393-4636 or visit www.ttc.ca for directions if you're traveling by Transit or get a road map to select your route if you're going by car.

  • 2. Make sure you wear your Steel Tip Safety Boots at all times when going on an assignment.

  • 3. Always use your initiative when on an assignment. Do not wait to be told what next to do. Check with your supervisor if you have nothing to do, or help your fellow worker elsewhere.

  • 4. If you cannot report to your assignment because of sickness, appointment, etc. or are going to be late, you must call this office immediately. If we are not in office, you can call us at our After Hours Numbers. These phone numbers will be given to you before you start your first assignment. Call collect if you have to. Failure to call will result in your termination!

  • 5. Make sure your Timesheet is filled out correctly.

  • 6. Do not walk off your assignment. If you do not like an assignment, finish the shift and then call the office to inform us. If you walk off an assignment before the shift is over, you will be terminated!

  • 7. Always be Safety Conscious when on an assignment. You must be WHMIS aware. Please contact our office staff if you are not familiar with Whmis.

  • 8. Do not remove company products without permission from your supervisor. Anyone who is caught removing company property, will be terminated!!!!!!

Terms of Services and Benefits:


Work Restrictions
i. QuickServe Employment Inc. employees agree that they will not handle money, securities, valuable and/or negotiable documents, and other valuables, except at the sole risk of the client.

Full-Time Employment

i. Should the client decide to offer an employee full-time employment, the client will continue that employee through QuickServe Employment Inc. for an additional 12 weeks or as contract agreement, after which time there will be no further charge to the Client.


Billing for Service
  1. i. QuickServe Employment Inc. employees are paid weekly and the client is billed weekly for weekly services.
  2. ii. Overtime hours will be billed at the rate of one-and-one-half times straight time billing rate and will be applicable as per agreement.


QuickServe Employment Inc. | Terms of Business and Services