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QuickServe Employment Inc.
Terms of Business and Services

Insurance and Liability

  • i. The Client assumes responsibilities for insurance coverage of Client's machinery, equipment and vehicles, both leased and owned, with a minimum of $1,000,000 of public liability, property damage, collision, fire and theft coverage will benefit and protect QuickServe Employment Inc. and its employees.

  • ii. The Client agrees to insure all cargo and merchandise handled by QuickServe Employment employees. The Client also agrees that QuickServe Employment shall not be held responsible for shortages on the part of QuickServe Employment Inc. employees.

  • iii. It is Client's responsibilities to ensure that assignments to QuickServe Employment Inc. employees are suitable in terms of qualifications, skills and abilities to operate machinery, vehicles and/or equipment, for the specific work or service to be performed, prior to the assignment of the work.

  • W.B.C. Coverage

  • i. Agrees to provide coverage for Worker's Compensation on all QuickServe Employment Inc., and proof may be provided upon request.

  • Work Restrictions

  • i. The Client's agrees that QuickServe Employment Inc. employees will not handle money, securities, valuable and/or negotiable documents, and other valuables, except at the sole risk of the client.

  • Full-Time Employment

  • i. Should the client decide to offer an employee full-time employment, the client will continue that employee through QuickServe Employment Inc. employment for an additional 12 weeks or as contract agreement, after which time there will be no further charge to the client.

  • Billing for Service

  • i. QuickServe Employment Inc. employees are paid weekly and the client is build weekly for weekly services. The Client agrees that payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.

  • ii. Overtime hours will be billed at the rate of one-and-one-half times straight time billing rate and will be applicable as per agreement.

QuickServe Employment Inc. | Terms of Business and Services